Lessons learnt

The most important things that I have learnt through my engagement in the ONL course can by summarized in;

  • knowledge about new digital tools and social platforms
  • gained an insight into new, for me, research areas 
  • online collaboration and the group process
  • barriers and opportunities for learning in other countries and continents

As I have mentioned in an earlier blog-post, I thought I was quite “modern and updated” about digital technology, even if I’m not particularly interested in exploring and using it. Starting this ONL-course was like being hit by a hurricane. The first two to three weeks was chaotic and realized I had absolutely no digital literacy, neither in a professional nor in a private way. It was good to start by mapping my own knowledge and experiences and then discussing with the group members, and also see the other course participants’ compilations. It provided further insight to me on how many different tools there are. Now I have bookmarks to different websites with tools available and how they can be used. 

The knowledge about theoretical frameworks and scientific studies on learning and teaching methods for online education to lean on allows me to feel less insecure when designing courses for upcoming students. Also, the group collaboration and the different topics we have had to deal with has been a good experience about the feeling of being a student, well worth considering as a teacher. Although we have good conditions for studies in Sweden, it is important to be aware of there are students who not have access to a computer or a network at home.

For me and my colleagues, the focus is to create a blended-learning education. Several of my group members in the ONL-course are interested and want to try it out, but have met resistance from both their colleagues and their chiefs, although many of them have recently said that Covid-19 has paved the way for them as they had to switch to online education. An advantage is that one of my colleagues took this course at the same time, so we have already had good discussions and ideas in the planning of the new program. At first, I thought that I should have had more experience from teaching before I started the course, but I feel that I could take advantage of the content and bring a lot with me. All these aspects mentioned above are experiences that I will bring further to the rest of my colleagues.  And I would love to see a continuing course in the future.

Publicerad av kramer1972

Non-technical teacher who will work with digital teaching. Thankfully very stubborn and like to be challenged and to learn new things. Love to play tennis and to be at the gym. Everything that has to do with water and snow also appeals to me. Live on the countryside in the southern part of Sweden and work at Karlstad University.

En tanke på “Lessons learnt

  1. I think it can be a positive thing not too have experience as a teacher. Most of the difficulties about online and blended is to switch to a new model of understanding. Changing mindset of traditional teaching can be a barrier and hard thing to overcome. I am sure you’re inexperience can help you be faster in adopting the online practices and bring a fresh perspective to others.



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